I am Onajite Okah - A Skincare Specialist. Growing up, I was a typical example of fine girl no pimples, brown skin girl with a spotless face but like every normal human being, I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more. I felt the need to lighten up my complexion and I didn't know how to go about it. So, I started using all sorts of so-called whitening products on my skin. This made my face very sensitive and I started breaking out.

I battled with this breakout for about 3 years.

Everyone around me became a "dermatologist" so to speak, prescribing different remedies, products and DIYs but nothing seemed to work.
So in a desperate need to clear my acne and brighten up my complexion, I became more determined to venture into skincare and started going for different trainings. From beginners class to masters classes and finally found a variety of ingredients that work together to clear acne, spots and reveal a natural glow or whiten up the skin's complexion as the case may be, with no side effects.

I tried a couple of formulations for myself and to my greatest surprise, they worked like magic. That was how I finally said BYE BYE to ACNE and welcome to a radiant complexion. I decided to share some of my formulations with friends and family battling the same issue and they all came back to testify. If you are suffering from acne and you can relate to this story, kindly click the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the page to chat with us and tell us your issues so that we can proffer a solution.
We have a range of products for all skintones, skintypes and all skin issues like Acne, Melasma, Sunburn, Eczema, Stretchmarks, Dark Knuckles, Green veins, White dots, Hyperpigmentation etc.
You can browse through our products to see the ones that suit your needs.
We also offer skincare training online and offline. We'll be glad to hear from you...



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